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Integrated Solutions

Clover Systems of Orlando, Inc. specializes in providing Customized Expert Integrated Infrastructure Solutions. As your trusted and devoted integration specialists, it is our job to deliver a solution that is value-driven from a cost, time and efficiency standpoint.

We deliver Integrated End-To-End Workload-Ready Systems with on-site implementation for production and disaster recovery sites. This may also include:

  • A Comprehensive High Availability (HA) solution at the production site with Disaster Recovery (DR) Enablement
  • Personalized on-site skills transfer and knowledge share directly from subject matter experts
  • Account Advocacy services that are custom tailored around the client’s skill set
  • Three or Five Year price guaranteed hardware and software maintenance
  • Patterns of Expertise for rapid deployment of the Integrated End-To-End Workload-Ready Systems
  • Total purchase price (CAPX and OPX) with financing options
Discover how our Integrated Solutions can be put to work for your company. Contact one of our specialists today!

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