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Cognitive Computing Services

Sometimes referred to as augmented intelligence, cognitive technology assists individuals & businesses with their abilities to gain intelligence & comprehension from extremely large volumes of data which help develop deep, predictive insights at scale. Many companies are full steam ahead with early adoption of Cognitive Computing and IBM believes within the next two years alone, half of all consumers are expected to interact with cognitive technology on a regular basis!

Cognitive Computing Advantages:

  1. Customer Engagement
    • Improvised Customer Service.
    • Personalized customer / user experience
    • Increased Customer Engagement
  2. Productivity & Efficiency
    • Improved productivity & efficiency
    • Improved decision making & planning
    • Improved security & compliance, reduced risk
    • Reduced costs
    • Enhanced the learning experience
  3. Business Growth
    • Expanded ecosystem
    • Expanded business into new markets
    • Accelerated innovation of new products / services/li>

Challenges to Cognitive Computing

Adopting new technology can easily provide its fair share of challenges. With Cognitive Computing, Clover Systems of Orlando has seen a few main issues:

  1. A clear roadmap for adoption:
    • Early adopters struggle with a lack of a strategic approach to cognitive solutions. Very few companies report having a comprehensive, company-wide cognitive strategy. Clover understands and sees importance in creating a clear & concise strategy with you.
  2. Struggle with data management:
    • Early adopters also struggle with managing their data—a resource integral to train and run cognitive applications and systems. Clover recognizes that the volume and quality of data from various diverse sources, integrating siloed data, cleansing and curating data for use in cognitive projects are all key considerations to keep in mind during evaluation.
  3. Closing skill gaps:
    • When it comes to cognitive computing skills, many early adopters are showing a need for experts in machine learning, NLP, computer science, and other cognitive computing techniques. Software developers and experience in developing cognitive applications/systems are very much needed, especially those with expertise to train cognitive systems. Don’t let skill gaps keep you from advancing.

How Clover Systems of Orlando can help with your Cognitive Computing Needs?

Whether Advisory, Assistance, or Administrative support, Clover Systems of Orlando offers you a unique solution to help navigate the Cognitive Computing landscape. Clover knows the roadmap, will understand your data concerns, and has the expertise to fill skill gaps.

Learn more about Cognitive Computing and how organizations will understand and use the cognitive era to their advantage in “What will successful organizations look like in the cognitive era?”. Or, have a real conversation with an IT professional about your companies needs by contacting us here!

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